3 Ways To Make Small Businesses Stronger

If you’re an owner of a small business, then you know your resources are a little bit more limited than those from a large company.  It can be hard to advertise on the TV and radio and have everybody know your company’s name!

Remember, you need to make sure you have the budget and finances available for any marketing and advertising you want to do.  Keep a record of your expenses so you know what you can spend before starting any sort of advertisement or marketing campaign.

However what you can be is flexible- small companies can operate in different ways to large companies. One of the main things you can do… is work with others.  Large brands can’t really collaborate with other large brands to advertise easily without it being competitive. If you work with other small businesses, you will be supporting and helping each other.

Here’s what you can do:

Advertise Together

Are there other businesses on the same street as you that you could advertise with?

You could get everyone involved in an ad that promotes all of you!  Think about how you can get people to visit the entire street of shops.  You might be able to get something bigger and better than you would on your own and hopefully this will mean you can reach more people.

Benefit Each Other

If there is a local business nearby that compliments yours, why not work with them to offer an incentive to get you both visitors.  For example, you could be a nail salon that offers 10% off hair treatments with the hairdressers next door when someone books in for a manicure.

A contrasting example would be to offer 10% off your services as a plumber when someone gets new doors installed by a joiner.  Think outside the box. The likelihood is that the other businesses will like these ideas too as it benefits everyone involved!

Work Together

Small business owners should network and help each other.  Come up with ideas on how you can work together in a way that will benefit all the business involved and will be exciting and useful for the customer.

Supporting each other rather than seeing other small businesses as the enemy is key to making your business flourish!