Accountancy Advice For New Business

Advice For New Business

Starting your new business can be a highly creative and exciting time. Often, the new business owner is going with a great product idea, marketing approaches and content.

The logistics of tax management and accounting can feel like a scary unknown. This is why you may wish to approach an accountant for support.

How Accountants Can Support You

Good accountants work transparently and have the business owner’s best interests at heart, to ensure that the start-up is a long-term success.

At Aston Black, we actively support clients in setting up the most effective systems and processes for their business, and we guide them, step-by-step through the accounting and tax requirements.
We believe it is important to allow clients to decide how much help they actually need. Rather than mystify them with inaccessible jargon to force them into paying for more services than required, we opt for an honest approach.

Aston Black registers new clients with HMRC for appropriate tax and authorisations when required. This process is one which has a number of associated complexities, and can be done relatively quickly by an experienced accountant. Other accounting firms will either not provide this service, or they will charge a disproportionate fee for it. We include it as a part of the onboarding process, meaning you can focus on the important stuff: building your business.

Our scope of service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Recordkeeping, as well as recommending suitable accounting and bookkeeping systems
  • Record retention
  • Registering for taxes and authorisations
  • Scheduling preparation and submission of accounts and returns (tax and other) and issuing reminders to the business owners

How Is It Cost Effective?

Hiring an accountant may seem, to new business owners, like an unnecessary expense. However, an accountant could actually save you more than the cost of their fee.

With an accountant, you will be saved the time and effort needed, working out your tax requirements.

Your financial processes will be more efficient, reliable and stress-free.

You will avoid penalties for late or omitted returns, and rest assured that this is one less worry on your plate.

Some planning and preparation will mean in the long-term your accountant’s fee will be lower; the accountant will spend less, or no, time correcting potential mistakes, as your skill and experience grow.

The business is far more likely to be successful as you will be freed up to focus on your clients and customers, rather than sweating over the financial administration of your business.

Does this sound useful to you? If you are thinking of starting a business and aren’t sure where to begin, we offer a free, non-obligatory callback service. Fill out the form above and we will get back to you.