4 Signs that Your Small Business Needs a Sole Trader Accountant

While there are plenty of businesses who organise and maintain their finances successfully, for others, there comes a time when the only option for ongoing success is to hire a sole trader accountant.

In the early days of a small business or freelance career, the small-scale financial activity may not warrant the services of an accountant. But as your business continues to grow and become more successful, there’s a lot more going on financially and, therefore, more responsibility. As a company owner, it’s vital to keep your eyes open for telltale signs that it’s time to seek the services of an accountant. Here are four key factors to look out for.

1. Business is Booming

A business in need of an accountant doesn’t necessarily have to be a company in financial dismay. In fact, it’s quite the opposite in many cases. As your business expands, you’ll soon be taking on a larger number of clients, making your financial situation a lot more advanced. This means you’ll have more invoices to keep track of and follow-up, a higher volume of transactions to monitor and an increased income that will affect your small business tax return.

Here at Aston Black, our team work with a broad range of small businesses, some in the early days of establishment, while others are successful companies with a large customer base. For the latter, the services of a sole trader accountant are essential to maintaining organised day-to-day finances and ensuring your company is in a strong position moving forward.

2. Time Management is an Issue

The life of a small business owner is hectic, to say the least. As the head honcho of a company, there’s a lot of responsibility and a jam-packed schedule to adhere to. With so much going on in regards to everyday work duties, as well as trying to balance your business and personal life, finding time to sit down and organise your accounts can be very difficult.

Putting your accounting needs in the hands of Aston Black will give you access to the financial services of our specialist team, also freeing up lots of time which can then be spent on other important aspects of your business. It’s for this reason that hiring an accountant can make you money in the long run by improving your productivity as a business owner.

3. Baffled by Small Business Tax Returns

An impending small business tax return can be a stressful time for a company owner. There’s an abundance of invoices and expenses to organise correctly, a tax return form to fill in on time and the hope that you haven’t made a mistake that could cost you money from fines. Hiring a sole trader accountant is the ideal answer for an efficient small business tax return, giving you peace of mind knowing that there haven’t been any mistakes.

Here at Aston Black, we provide a range of small business tax services. Aside from completing your small business tax return efficiently and on time, we try to identify ways in which we can reduce your tax liability.

4. You Need to Put Together a Business Plan for Investors

As your small business continues to grow and become more lucrative, the time will come when expanding your company is a very realistic possibility. If you lack the funds to do so and need the support of new investors, you’re going to need a professional business plan. An accountant is a valuable asset to grow your business, while a business plan is necessary to show people your company is a worthy investment opportunity.

Our specialist team has helped countless companies grow with the use of high-quality, appealing business plans. Every business is different and requires varied financial support. Call us today for a free consultation and we can get the ball rolling on a business plan to take your company to new heights.
Is your business showing signs that it’s time for an Accountant to step in and help? If so, acting fast is vital. The experienced team at Aston Black is happy to assist in any way they can, committed to helping small businesses succeed financially. Give us a call on 01908 760293 or visit our contact page.