How To Be An Amazon Super-seller

Amazon super-seller

Amazon is without a doubt the largest e-commerce service there is. When you consider the fact that it seems to stock most products you could ever imagine at the most reasonable prices and unparalleled customer support, and delivery speeds, this fact is unsurprising.

It certainly revolutionised how people shop. Not only that, but it has revolutionised how sellers operate.

As an Amazon Super-seller you can become one of an increasing number of clients at Aston Black Accountants who have come to use for support with their accounts and taxation. Read about how to sell on Amazon here, and how we can help you.

How to become an Amazon Super-seller

People tend to say that there is no formula for success. In the case of Amazon selling, this could not be further from the truth. To make money, you need to treat this venture as a whole new business. This applies whether you are already in business, or are starting afresh.

Planning is Mandatory

You know the saying, ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. The bottom line is: for your business to succeed, you really do need a plan. It doesn’t have to be overly prescriptive, if that isn’t your style. You just need something that will keep you on track and on task, ensuring you aren’t wasting time or money.

Ask yourself the following questions: How well do you know the market? What are the trends? Who is your biggest competitor? What do they do? How much do you want to spend on each aspect of the business?

Although not every last aspect of your business needs to be meticulously planned out, you must have an idea of your operations.

What is your Unique Selling Point (USP)?

E-commerce success on Amazon FBA requires a balance between uniqueness and trendiness. Don’t be yet another business using Amazon to sell Lularoe on, and veer away from things that are overly specialised and undesirable to the mass market.

When you are doing your research, be on the lookout for what is selling well over sustained periods. What are other sellers always running out of?

Check Google Trends to see what consumers are looking for.

Don’t get emotionally invested in anything at this stage. Be brutally honest with yourself about whether one particular product is a money sinkhole.

Build Relationships with Potential Suppliers

Finding the right supplier can be challenging. If you are planning to use a low-cost site such as Alibaba, it is important that you verify any potential supplier to ensure they aren’t scamming you. Speak to them on the phone, or via zoom, and get to know who they are. Even visit their production plant if you can.

Always order samples and make sure the quality is something you feel comfortable selling.

Knowing as much as you can about the provenance of your products is important, especially with ethicality now forming a significant chunk of buyer consciousness.

When you come to place your first order, keep it on the smaller side. It’s about mitigating financial risk. If you find that the products you chose simply don’t work, the last thing you want is a house totally stuffed with unsellable items.

Keep in regular communication with your supplier, pass on customer feedback to them as well, and ensure they know what your plans are. You must be honest and open with each other.

Getting on Amazon

So now, you’ve got your products, you’re really happy with their quality. Now it’s time to actually sell them! First things first: Choose the right type of seller account for where you are in your business.

If you are expecting to make fewer than 40 sales in a month (at least at first) it would be best to opt for the Individual Seller account, as they charge no monthly subscription fee, but rather on an item-by-item basis.

Further information about Amazon account and the sign-up process are on the Amazon website.

Impress your customers

Your listing should be clear, informative, and written in a neutral tone of voice. You need to make your product sound appealing, but an overly emotional description will be off-putting. Consumers don’t like to read walls of text. Keep paragraphs to 3 or 4 lines, and summarise the product features in bullet points.

When you are just starting out, email your satisfied customers and ask them to leave you good reviews. These are crucial for getting more sales as buyers will make their choices on the basis of word-of-mouth more often than not.

Similarly, if a customer is unhappy, don’t get defensive. Help them solve the problem, and be polite.


How can I become an Amazon super seller?

To become an Amazon super seller, you need to start by creating a professional seller account on Amazon. Then, focus on optimizing your product listings, providing excellent customer service, and maximizing your sales performance. It’s also important to understand Amazon’s SERP and rich result guidelines to improve your visibility on the platform.

What are some tips for optimizing product listings as an Amazon super seller?

As an Amazon super seller, you should optimize your product listings by conducting thorough keyword research and incorporating relevant keywords into your titles, bullet points, and product descriptions. Additionally, high-quality product images, detailed product information, and positive customer reviews can greatly enhance your listing’s performance.

How can I provide exceptional customer service as an Amazon super seller?

Providing exceptional customer service is crucial to becoming a successful Amazon super seller. Make sure to respond promptly to customer inquiries, address any issues or complaints professionally, and strive to exceed customer expectations. Maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction can positively impact your seller rating and overall success on Amazon.

How can I improve my sales performance as an Amazon super seller?

Improving your sales performance as an Amazon super seller involves various strategies. Some effective tactics include offering competitive pricing, participating in Amazon’s advertising programs, utilizing sponsored product listings, and leveraging social media and other marketing channels to promote your products. Regularly analyzing your sales data and making data-driven decisions can also help you optimize your performance and drive more sales.

Do You Need Support?

Starting any kind of business is always going to be a daunting task. Here at Aston Black, we have experience with helping Amazon sellers do their best.

Not only are we able to offer assistance with the financial side of things, but we can also help you with your business plan, try to answer questions, and generally provide advice. If you require more assistance, please give our team a call on 01908 904794, alternatively, you can fill out our online enquiry form, and we’ll be in touch.