Stay On The Right Side Of The Law

Nothing is certain but death and taxes; I’m sure you’ve heard this before. Choosing to work with an untrustworthy accountant can get you into a world of trouble. Knowing who to trust can be difficult, but knowing the basics to avoid being taken for granted is much easier.

Pay The Right Amount of Tax

Nobody likes to pay taxes, but it has to be done. Some people seem to think that their accountant will work miracles, and drastically reduce their tax bill. This will never happen. If there were such a thing as avoiding taxes, your accountant would be doing this for themselves. Your accountant is there to keep you in line with the law, to ensure that you pay the correct amount of tax to HMRC, and to record everything that is necessary.

Untrustworthy Accountants

If what your accountant offers you, seems too good to be true, it probably is. There are many accountants out there, promising higher rates of pay and lower taxes, but if this were true, we would all be doing it.

The responsibility of paying the correct amount of tax is down to you. If you are paying less tax than someone who earns the same as you, you need to question it. It’s you that will be on the wrong side of the law.

Don’t Trust Silly Schemes

The only sure-fire way of avoiding your tax bill is to move out of the UK. Harsh but true. Taxes are a legal obligation that you cannot legally avoid. If you are trying to avoid paying taxes or sneakily paying less, you’re breaking the law. Your accountant is there to stop this happening.

Take Note Of The Following Tips

1- Avoid “schemes” unless you can find it on
2- If your accountant tells that you can magically pay less tax, question it and look into it yourself.
3- If your accountant can’t answer questions or explain the figures on your payslips, books, etc. QUESTION IT.

Anyone can claim to be an accountant, so try to avoid the cowboys and trust in the account you choose. If you want a trustworthy accountant who will answer all of your questions, get in touch today, and we can go from there.